Godi, Rune & Crystal


Godi, the oracle of the Runes & Crystals


Soon we will have two formats on sale, one special and the other one standard.


The combination of Rune and Crystal form an explosive mixture of rooting,

power of connection, healing, truth and wisdom ...



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About us


In Godi, the oracle of the Runes & Crystals we work from the consciousness of doing the things the best we can.


Our intentions are always focused on doing everything with the maximum care, affection and love.


Our desire is that the person who acquires our work, may also have the experience of this feeling of quality in the well done work.








Godi the oracle of Runes & Crystals. 

We share a long time experience of working with runes from a therapeutic and deep perspective.


Our walks working with nature and its elements and our dedication towards healing, has defined a clear trend towards the part of evolutionary on vision, therefore, our focus on the Oracle is marked towards the growth, evolution and consciousness, without neglecting any other aspects ...




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Godi, the oracle of Runes & Crystals. 

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